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Steve FlattThe Psychological Therapies Unit is the foremost provider of psychology and psychotherapy services in Liverpool and the north west of England. We underpin our practice with cognitive behaviour therapy for a wide range of psychological problems.

We also offer a service for professionals who want to review their activities, roles, professional relationships and stress management mechanisms in complete confidence.

We also provide training programmes in stress management, cognitive self management techniques and other psychological techniques.

We are now a multidisciplinary practice that includes clinical psychologists (Chartered), Cognitive behaviour therapists (accredited) and psychotherapists registered with UKCP or BACP

We are now a multihanded practice working closing with a large number of rehabilitation organisations, occupational health companies, insurance companies and legal services such as the courts, barristers and solicitors. We undertake a great deal of trauma work with people who have had road traffic accidents, workplace injury or assaults.

If you think you are struggling with your life or your moods why not Contact Us.

The Psychological Therapies Unit

The Psychological Therapies Unit
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