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Most life coaching packages tend to look at the very surface issues. They tend to focus on purely positive aspects of an individual or team. Despite professing to provide toolkits for a range of self-improvement activities they rarely provide an in-depth, insightful assessment of a person's scripts, schemas and behaviour patterns.

Steve will provide an in-depth assessment of each individual. The assessment will be carried out using well validated psychological tools and an in-depth personal interview. This assessment will help to provide a deeper understanding of a person's behaviour and thinking processes. The information gathered from this assessment will be entirely confidential and will be used to develop a personal programme for each individual.

This first session will be approximately 1 hours long and will form the basis for subsequent life coaching sessions.

The second session includes the development of a life map and behavioural pattern algorithm. The format provided by the coach will act as a template agreed by both parties. The main purpose of the template is to insure that a common vision and a common purpose is agreed by those involved. The remainder of the second session will be used to provide information and training on the brain body interface and how our behaviour is modified by out of conscious activity within the lower order parts of the brain.

The third session will focus on communication, verbal and non-verbal, the subjective nature of communication and communication with experience. Participants will be encouraged to provide their own experience of communication, success and failures. Classic examples from the public arena will be provided to illustrate the difficulties and complexity of modern-day communication. Tools and suggestions will be made according to each participant's needs to aid improvement in their communication skills.

Session four will focus on theory of mind, intuition and judgement. Failure to anticipate and understand others based on one's own assumptions is a common problem. Understanding why this occurs and how it may be prevented are addressed in this session.

Session five focuses on increasing understanding of the behaviours of others. This session also includes a look at the games that people play, the reasons that they play them and the successes and failures produced by these games.

Session six looks at beginning to build particular tools and strategies based on each individual and their own psychology. Session six is particularly collaborative and the coach begins to draw out new ways of thinking in the client using the specific skills that are being taught to the client.

Sessions seven & eight follow a break of approximately four weeks in which the client has an opportunity to test out an experiment with new skills and techniques learned during the first six sessions. These sessions are evaluation sessions with the focus on those areas in which the client has now become more aware of his or her potential weaknesses.

Session nine is used to tie up any unfinished business and to complete the sessions for closure.

This training programme has been based on work from a wide range of sources including clinical work with a wide range of people and clinicians.

All material used in the training/coaching sessions is based upon well-researched neuroscientific evidence and cognitive behavioural techniques. The training course has now been used with over a thousand individuals with outstanding success and many letters of recommendation are available.

For further information on Life and performance coaching please get in touch.

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