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blankSteve Flatt can provide individual training based on well proven cognitive techniques to improve individual skills and increase depth of understanding of ourselves and others.

Life is an environment that provides us with experience, we use this experience to guide our social interaction and communication as we develop. These experiences can be turned into scripts. We then use these scripts in many situations that are similar to those previously experienced.

For example; Some one who came from a very abusive background where the rules were changed all the time because a parent or partner was drunk all the time might be apprehensive around people who are aggressive. They may even try to "please them" in order to prevent a violent outburst. This "pleasing" behaviour then encourages the person who is aggressive.

Sometimes scripts like these can intrude into working relationships and affect us and prevent us from taking opportunities when they arise. Sometimes our scripts cause us to behave foolishly - to do things we regret later. These scripts are not inevitable. When we recognise them we can change them.

Steve's individual mentoring and training programmes provide insight into these scripts and so much more, like communication, theory of mind, the physiology of anxiety and excitement.

Steve's training packages can also be used in group and team situations. Steve takes a rather different view of team building click the arrow to view some examples of the kind of problems that Steve's package addresses.


For further information on business services please get in touch.

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