Steve Flatt Profile
Steve Flatt BSc.(hon) Psychotherapy, Dip H.E. Nursing

For the first 16 years, of his working life Steve was an engineer. Primarily in the motor industry including an eight-year period as director of a company producing cars for racing and pleasure.

He retrained as a psychotherapist and a nurse during the late Eighties and early Nineties. Steve then worked in a number of NHS psychiatric hospitals including child & adolescent and forensic psychiatry before leaving the NHS following an accident to set up his own occupational health company. This company supplied services to a range of industries in the United Kingdom including Stagecoach and the Burton group. This company was sold on so Steve could continue to follow his main interest - mental health.

Steve worked as a lecturer in colleges of further education in West Yorkshire and as a mentor for business administration students.

Currently his main activities include working with people with mental health difficulties in the Northwest. Steve has a private practice in Rodney Street, Liverpool and he does clinical work for Florence Nightingale Hospitals, Liverpool & the Department of Health on the Isle of Man. Steve provides training/consultancy for a wide range of professionals in the public and private sectors. Steve was assistant director of Mersey primary care research and development consortium, a centrally funded project to enhance evidence-based medicine and research practice in primary care. Steve now sits on the steering committee for the consortium taking a strategic rather than operational role. Steve also provides a mentoring/life coaching service for individuals and companies in the UK.

Steve writes regularly for one nursing journal and contributes irregularly to others, other health related journals and newspapers. Steve is also currently continuing his own education by undertaking a Master's degree in cognitive therapy.

Steve speaks regularly at national and international conferences on a wide range of topics related to mental health. The management of mental distress at all levels is becoming a priority for us all. The world we now live in is radically different from the one we evolved in relation to. Steve offers insights into managing that change and provides a commentary on why mental distress and disease is increasing in the alien environment we now live in.

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