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What do we mean by relaxation?
blankRelaxing is a very important part of every day life for everyone. As we progress through the day tensions build up in our bodies, these may be physical or mental. There are a number of ways to deal with them. Exercise is one way that help to ease tension but relaxation is another. Relaxation is that calm warm feeling when your mind is not racing and you are having pleasant thoughts; your body is comfortable and tension free.

Sometimes when we are very busy we have so many thoughts buzzing round in our minds its seems that we are unable to stop the "treadmill". We find ourselves saying, "I must just do this" or "I must just sort that out". Or we start to worry about what we are going to do the next day.

This can lead to a point where we are working and thinking hard every minute of the day.

If this is you then some form of relaxation is what you need. In order to remain healthy we have to have stress free, relaxed periods in our lives. Many of us believe that a holiday is a stress free relaxing time but research shows that these can be just as stressful because we try to fill our holidays with strange places and new experiences.

The kind of relaxation that is most effective is cheap and takes place in safe familiar surroundings.

The key things about relaxation are: -
  • You should feel safe
  • You will not be disturbed- particularly when you first start relaxing
  • You have set aside the time to do it.
For more help and advice on relaxation please get in touch.


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